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FUEL offers training & development for the marketing intelligence community, both in qualitative and quantitative research topics and in the management of research teams. Many trainers understand theoretical models but do not have the ‘hands on’ experience to create the best learning experiences.


We only teach topics that we have significant experience in, both theoretically and in practice. Topics covered are marketing intelligence, communication & facilitation, client account management, business development and people management. For more detailed examples of topics covered, please contact us.

All our training is custom designed for your organisation and recognises that some theoretical models and approaches developed in the West may need to be adapted to have highest impact in Asia. We use a variety of different training modalities to make training fun, interactive and ultimately remembered and used.

We are committed to having a positive impact to your organisation. Often training alone cannot meet an organisation’s wider business goals. We work to identify the key learning outcomes and advise on supporting systems and processes that work together with training to deliver the intended business outcomes.  

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