Our Culture offer overlaps with our Qualitative offer and has a common thread – of going deep to understand human truth. As humans we live within the landscape - the physical environment, and the culturescape – man-made meanings, rules and codes that we abide by, often unconsciously. Our work is to uncover what is hidden from view – the cultural forces that shape whether brands and movements deeply connect with people. 


We do this using semiotics, qualitative research, anthropology (including ethnography) and using artificial intelligence.


Here are some typical ways in which we can help you:


  • Understand if your brand is culturally relevant and develop strategies to create more powerful connections

  • Understand the emerging cultural codes and narratives in a specific category or topic that can provide opportunities for innovation 

  • Optimise your brand touchpoints (e.g. packaging) to make sure they deliver the intended culturally relevant experiences 

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