FUEL was founded in Bangkok, Thailand in 2016 as a strategic and creative insights consultancy that combines the science and structure of market research, the understanding of the human condition from the social sciences and the art of identifying opportunities that create growth for brands, businesses and opportunities for people.

FUEL was founded by ESOMAR Representative for Thailand, Craig Griffin, who has spent 20 years in the research industry working for leading agencies (GfK, TNS, Research International, MESH & The Leading Edge) in the UK, Australia, Singapore and Thailand, where he has been based since 2005. For more details on FUEL's team click here:



All FUEL work is guided by 3 core beliefs we have about what it takes to have maximum impact for our clients:

1. Going Deep. Great work starts with providing deep and relevant insights. We believe context is fundamental to exposing the rich and nuanced ways that people live their lives. FUEL is passionate about understanding people and uses approaches from pyschology, sociology, anthropology, neuroscience, behavioural economics and neuro-linguistic programming to offer a deeper level of understanding than traditional research. Where possible, FUEL also encourages the use of hybrid approaches and multiple data sources to triangulate and go deeper - from social media data to internal company information,  trend analysis and macro environmental data. 

2. Beyond Insight. FUEL can be considered a research based marketing consultancy who, using insights about markets, brands and people, give clear direction to guide strategic planning.

3. Making the Complex Simple. We know that it takes more than great research to have impact in an organisation. We tell the story concisely, clearly and often creatively to make sure our work has impact, is internalised and inspires action.


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