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Qualitative Research

We were early adopters of online qualitative research methods, which now drive over one half of our revenue. From simple online groups to communities to mobile ethnography, we can execute it for you. Of course, we still use traditional approaches where needed.

We use a wide variety of qualitative and hybrid approaches that allow us to understand an issue from all angles. Indeed, we believe context is fundamental to exposing the rich and nuanced way that people live their lives. Our passion for uncovering human truth has led us to draw on the latest thinking from the social and behavioural sciences to offer a deeper level of understanding than traditional qualitative research.


  • Focus groups, triads, paired and in-depth interviews either in a professional viewing facility or in-home

  • Accompanied Shopping

  • Ethnography / Mobile Ethnography

  • Online communities

  • Consumer immersions / shadowing

  • Qualitative Client Panel development

  • Live translation and dual language viewing



  • User and Customer Experience

  • Consumer journeys and path to purchase

  • Landscaping & Segmentation

  • Communication development and testing

  • Brand development and repositioning

  • Innovation & New product / service development


We have executed qualitative studies in all major Asian countries, for clients across the globe.. We have a trusted network of moderators, recruiters and translators that we work with regularly, allowing us to cost-effectively execute qualitative studies across Asia.


Please click here to see a case study involving online communities.

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