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Welcome to FUEL Asia Research & Consulting

Fuel your business with expert insight

Who We Are

Growth and movement need FUEL and the FUEL of business is insight, ideas and inspiration. 


FUEL Research & Consulting is a strategic insight consultancy that combines market research skills with business, marketing, branding and behavioural change know-how to develop clear growth opportunities for brands and people.

Founded in 2016 by ESOMAR Representative for Thailand Craig Griffin, based out of Bangkok and covering Asia.

What We Do

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Qualitative Research

Qualitative research methods drive over one half of our revenue. We use both traditional ‘tried and tested’ approaches while embracing the opportunities offered by technology – from online communities to video interviews to digital ethnography. We can execute in all major markets in the Asia Pacific region.

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Consultancy & Training

Our consultancy offering includes development of go-to-market strategies and support in achieving commercial excellence. We also offer skills development for marketing and research professionals.


Recruitment and project management services across Asia for mainly qualitative research, including research panel development. Able to access hard to reach audiences.

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Cultural Insight

Cultural insight to make sure brands stay culturally relevant, using approaches from semiotics, qualitative research and social anthropology. Fueled by our sister brand Culture Kitchen

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What We're Thinking

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